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Complete Portafilter with torched larch handle

Torched wood comes from a traditionnal japanese way of protecting the wood from humidity and molding. It gives a beautiful dark bown color to the larch wood with two tones from its grain. Once torched, the larch is brushed to remove the excessively burnt wood and to avoid staining. The brushing gives the wood a really good feel of the grain afterwards.

Each wooden piece is hand crafted in Quebec city. No dyes are added, the pigmentation of the wood is purely (100%) natural. Only an organic flaxseed oil which contains micronized wax assuring its humidity barrier and approved for contact with food is applied as a finish on each piece. This flaxseed oil comes from Proulxville in Quebec. All the stainless steel bases are also machined by a local  shop  from Quebec city and the steel is solely from North American providers.


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